About Peoff, Robinson & Widman

Marilyn Widman has been practicing labor and employment law since 1997, and she served as managing partner of a 10-attorney firm for nine years before leaving to start Peoff, Robinson & Widman, LLC. John Franklin started his legal career in labor law and moved exclusively into employment law where he has spent the last 20 years successfully litigating on behalf of individual employees in state and federal courts.

Peoff, Robinson & Widman, LLC opened its doors January 1, 2013, and currently has four attorneys and three legal support staff. We are equipped with the best technology and legal resources available. We confidently represent our clients when even the largest firms in the country represent the other side. Between the combined work experience of our partners, the finest and brightest associates, and high quality technology and legal resources, Peoff, Robinson & Widman, LLC is an aggressive firm that secures big results.

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